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395 East Lionshead Circle
Vail, CO 81675

Imagination Station

Kids playing with lighted cubes

This hands-on children’s museum is open year-round – hours vary by season. Features include a magnet wall and building corner; an interactive light wall; a hyperbolic funnel; a wind tunnel that explores concepts such as air resistance and gravity; and a health clinic where children can play doctor to babies, cats and dogs! The adjacent community programming room offers additional activities including Paint Your Own Pottery, virtual reality and art and science projects.


The Imagination Station, a thoughtful play space, features a Thoughts Flow water table, an Everbright that encourages creativity and collaborative art, a hyperbolic funnel that models the planetary motion, and a health clinic that promotes imaginative play where children can provide care for dogs, cats and babies. Open year-round, also offering paint-your-own pottery, plus children’s art and science sessions. Enjoy virtual reality for kids and adults!


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