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The Adventure Company

Spin Float Fishing Expeditions- Founded in Breckenridge in 1987, we have earned our reputation for top-quality by offering fishing and rafting trips packed with premium features. Our emphasis on safety and quality promotes a true sense of comfort, allowing you to enjoy your adventure to the fullest! Enjoy spin fishing and rely on our local knowledge to learn the best techniques and help land your trophy fish- and it’s all right out of our backyard!

Whitewater Rafting- Here at The Adventure Company, our dedication to providing our guests with top-quality trips with premium features has resulted in some of the best family-friendly fun out there! We offer multiple whitewater rafting trips that can accommodate kids as young as 2 years old- so no need for a babysitter for this adventure. Plus, we are the only company in Colorado that hires only experienced guides to help ensure a safe and fun trip. For a full list of discounted trip options, visit our website. 

Inflatable Kayak Adventures- Ready to try something new? The variety of whitewater in Colorado makes it the perfect environment for Inflatable Kayak trips. Our experienced guides can help you navigate some of Colorado’s most famous whitewater in this fun alternative to rafting. These boats are easy to paddle and maneuver, making them a great choice for novice to expert paddlers. Your trip will be guided, but you get to steer the boat this time! 

The Adventure Company

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